Zuman iOS App

We designed the iOS App for Zuman, a new HR services company.

  • Zuman iOS App

  • Zuman Concepts

  • Zuman Wireframes

  • Zuman iOS App

Avaya Flare

This UI design project produced the innovative User Interface for the “Flare” device, a touchscreen enterprise telephone.

  • Flare User Interface

  • Flare product shot

News site for O2

We delivered the information architecture and the visual design for the O2 news site. O2 is the UK’s #2 cellular operator.

  • O2 on iPad

  • O2 grid

  • O2 - High level concept - zoom

  • O2 - High level concept - full

Swisscom Brand Center

An online brand management platform for Swisscom (Switerzerland’s #1 telco).
Work done with Moving Brands.

  • Swisscom brand centre

  • Icon grid